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Where Every Smile Gets a High-Five!

Welcome to Radiant Dental, where children’s dentistry takes center stage! At Radiant Dental in Buford, GA, we’re committed to making every visit a delightful adventure for your little ones. I’m Dr. Nimisha Patel, and I’m here to be your child’s smile champion. With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, we’ve created a place where kids feel at ease, and their smiles light up the room. But we’re not limited to Buford; we proudly serve the communities of Sugar Hill, Suwanee, GA, and beyond. So, let’s embark on a journey into the world of children’s dentistry at Radiant Dental, where every smile gets a high-five!

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Our Approach to Children's Dentistry

At Radiant Dental, we’ve adopted the High-Five Philosophy. Our goal is to make dental visits fun, engaging, and stress-free for children. We understand that a positive early experience can set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles. That’s why we’ve created a comforting and child-friendly environment that puts kids at ease. Building trust and confidence in our young patients is our priority because we believe that a happy child means a happy smile!

Services for Young Smiles

We offer a wide range of comprehensive pediatric dental services to ensure your child’s oral health. Our services include:

Children's Dentistry in Buford GA

Dr. Nimisha Patel’s Expertise

I’m proud to bring my credentials, experience, and dedication to children’s dental health to Radiant Dental. Continuous learning is key to providing the best care, and I am committed to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in pediatric dentistry. Your child’s smile is my top priority!

The Radiant Dental Experience

But what truly sets Radiant Dental apart is the experience we offer. Don’t just take our word for it; hear from our happy parents and kids:

Patient Testimonial

“Radiant Dental has transformed my child’s outlook on visiting the dentist. The friendly staff and playful waiting room activities make every visit exciting. Dr. Patel’s approach put my child at ease, and now, they can’t wait to get their high-fives after a successful appointment!”
– Amber P., Buford, GA

Schedule an Appointment

Conveniently schedule an appointment online or visit our office located in Buford, GA. For families in Sugar Hill and Suwanee, we’re just a short drive away. We accept various insurance plans, and our team is always ready to assist you with payment information.


Children’s dentistry is crucial because it sets the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Early dental care helps prevent dental issues and instills good oral hygiene habits.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a child’s first dental visit by their first birthday or within six months of the eruption of their first tooth.

The first visit is typically a gentle examination to check for early dental issues and discuss oral care. It’s also an opportunity for parents to ask questions.

Yes, we create a welcoming and fun atmosphere for kids. Our waiting room is filled with activities and our staff is trained to make children feel comfortable.

We use a child-friendly, positive approach to make dental visits enjoyable. We may tell stories, offer prizes, or give high-fives to celebrate bravery.

We provide a range of pediatric dental services, including dental cleanings, exams, sealants, fluoride treatments, early orthodontic evaluation, and emergency dental care.

When used appropriately, fluoride is safe and effective in preventing tooth decay. We ensure that fluoride treatments are administered in a controlled and safe manner.

We recommend supervising your child’s brushing and flossing until they can do it independently. Make it a fun and regular routine, and use age-appropriate toothpaste.

We provide early orthodontic evaluation and may refer to orthodontic specialists if needed to address alignment issues.

Our team is experienced in working with anxious children. We strive to create a calm and supportive environment and use techniques to ease dental anxiety.

Yes, we accept various dental insurance plans and can assist you in understanding your coverage.

You can easily schedule an appointment online or by contacting our office. We are here to make the process as convenient as possible.

Radiant Dental Is Surrounded With
So Much Love from All Over Georgia
I relocated from TN to GA and I nervous about finding a new dental provider. I did my research and was looking for a Dentist with smaller more intimate office setting. I found Dr. Patel's office and I am truly excited I did. They are beyond amazing!! The while staff and they are also understanding and accommodating. I am truly happy with my choice and think they are absolutely the best of the best.
K. Steele
Ready to experience the Radiant Dental difference?
Schedule an appointment with us today and let your child's smile get a high-five they'll never forget! We can't wait to welcome your family into our warm and caring dental home.

Personal Message from Dr. Nimisha Patel

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the amazing patients we’ve had the privilege to serve at Radiant Dental. Your trust and smiles are what keep us passionate about what we do. Together, we’ll continue to make every visit to the dentist an exciting and positive experience for your children.

Smile Gallery:

Explore our smile gallery, featuring before-and-after photos of our young patients and their success stories. Witness the transformations and be inspired!

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Our informative blog posts cover various aspects of children’s dental health. Parents can find answers to frequently asked questions, dental tips, and more.

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Online resources on children’s dentistry that can be useful for parents:

1. American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) – Parent Resources:
– The AAPD offers a variety of articles and resources for parents on topics related to children’s dentistry. These include information on oral health care, dental visits, and common dental issues in children.

2. Mayo Clinic – Children’s Dentistry: What Parents Need to Know:
– Mayo Clinic provides an informative article on children’s dentistry, offering tips for parents on promoting good oral health and preparing for dental visits.

3. WebMD – Dental Care for Children:
– WebMD provides an article that covers the basics of dental care for children, including guidance on toothbrushing, choosing the right toothbrush, and understanding fluoride.

4. – Caring for Your Child’s Teeth:
–, from the American Academy of Pediatrics, offers a comprehensive guide to caring for your child’s teeth, from infancy through adolescence. It includes information on teething, thumb-sucking, and more.

5. Colgate – How to Keep Kids’ Teeth Healthy:
– Colgate’s article provides practical tips for parents on maintaining their children’s oral health. It covers topics like diet, toothbrushing, and dental visits.

6. American Dental Association (ADA) – Baby’s First Teeth:
– The ADA offers a useful article on baby’s first teeth, discussing teething, dental care, and the importance of the first dental visit.

These online articles provide valuable information and guidance for parents on various aspects of children’s dentistry, from infant oral care to preparing for dental visits and maintaining good oral hygiene habits in kids.

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