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Nimisha Patel, DDS

Put Your Family’s Dental Health Into the Care of a Respected Dentist

Dr. Nimisha Patel, who was voted Buford’s Top Dentist, is a leading visionary in dental care. She is committed to providing dental excellence by combining modern techniques and high-tech equipment to offer personalized and comfortable care to her patients.

Buford Dentist Dr. Nimisha Patel

Meet Our Doctor - Dr. Nimisha Patel

Dr. Nimisha Patel is pleased to offer beautiful smiles to her neighbors in Buford and the surrounding communities

Dr. Nimisha Patel is a graduate of the University of California School of Dentistry (UCSF), a top 5 dental school in the US.  She earned a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from University of Bangalore in 1999.  Through the years, Dr. Patel completed advanced studies and continuing education courses in reconstructive, cosmetic, and implant dentistry at the Advanced Dental Implant Research and Education Center (AIC).  Her most recent training in Guided Dental Implants allows her to replace missing or broken teeth with minimally invasive implant surgery, with less time and discomfort ever.

Dr. Patel has been practicing general dentistry for over 18 years, beginning in 1999 when she joined the dental department of TATA Main Hospital (India).  After obtaining her D.D.S in the US, she joined Drs. Jama Long, Dr. Staeburn and Dr. Vakharia in their Atlanta area, GA practices.  Today she owns her own practice in Buford, GA and is considered one of the highly respected and conservative dentist in the area.

She has won many awards over the years including the Patient’s Choice Award, has been recognized as America’s Top Dentists by the Consumers’ Research Council of America, and has been voted as Buford’s Best Dentist by OpenCare.  She has gained trust and respect of many patients who were avoiding the dentist or had bad experiences in the past.  Most if not all patients who come to see her for the first time become loyal patients and give her raving reviews!  She is very proud of the fact that over 50% of her new patients come through existing patient referrals!

She is a very compassionate and family oriented person and believes in giving back to the community.  She volunteers at medical/dental camps and donates to various charities on a regular basis.  She has participation in several dental “camps” where she along with others would travel to areas with no access to dental care, and provide free dental services and enhance people’s awareness of dental health.

On her spare time, she likes to spend time with family, read romantic novels, travel, and watch football (Go Falcons!!).

Dr. Nimisha Patel graduated from the University of California School of Dentistry (UCSF) and went on to complete advanced studies and continuing education courses in reconstructive, cosmetic, and implant training at the Advanced Dental Implant Research and Education Center (AIC). As an enthusiastic dentist with comprehensive dental expertise, Dr. Patel is proud to combine modern techniques and high-tech equipment to provide personalized and comfortable care to her patients.

She has gained trust and respect of many patients that were afraid to go to the dentist or had bad experiences elsewhere.  Her primary goal is to help her patients keep their teeth for life, and help them live a longer and better life!


Request a “NO RISK” complimentary appointment with Dr. Patel.  She will be more then happy to answer any questions or provide second opinion at no charge.


“Dear Friend,

I am a dentist, but, like everyone else, my teeth need regular care to preserve them and to make them as attractive as possible. So, just like everyone else, I go to the dentist to receive many of the procedures I deliver to my own patients.

When I sat down to write goals for my practice, it occurred to me that the kind of dentistry I want to give to my patients was exactly the kind of dentistry I wanted to receive. And I can assure you that I would hold my dentist to some pretty high standards.

I would want my dentist to see me as an individual, to know me personally and not merely treat me as a chart number or “the next patient.” I would want my dentist to foster this relationship by knowing what is important to me and respecting me as a person. And I wouldn’t want to be taken for granted, even years into the relationship.

Although I am probably as brave as the next person, I’d prefer, naturally, not to experience discomfort during my dental visit. I would want my dentist to have genuine concern for my comfort before, during and after my treatment. I would want my dentist to have thoroughly mastered pain free dental techniques.

Maybe I am spoiled, but I get annoyed if I have to do too much waiting. I’d much prefer it if my dentist and staff were ready for me when I arrived, and would really like it if I were the only patient there, so the doctor and staff could give me their full attention.

I’m a stickler for quality. I am even willing to pay a little more if I am receiving top-of-the-line treatment. These teeth are the only ones I’ll ever have, so I wouldn’t choose my dentist because his or her fees were the lowest. I would choose a dentist who could provide me with the highest level of care, which is what I feel I deserve. I would appreciate someone who is painstakingly accurate in all the details of my treatment. So what I want as a dental patient is what I hope you want, because the result of this kind of treatment is my true goal: optimal dental health and appearance. If you want this kind of care, I would be happy to be your dentist.”

– Dr. Nimisha Patel


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