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Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed is a painless teeth whitening process that can remove the toughest stains and create a dazzlingly white, long-lasting smile in just one hour.

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For the Whitest

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A bright white smile is your answer if you want a way to get noticed. Your smile is the first thing people notice about you; it shows when you feel confident.

It is more complicated than it sounds to keep our teeth white. With all the coffee, wine, smoking, and other foods that can stain our teeth daily, even proper maintenance sometimes leaves them a bit lackluster. Teeth whitening is a brilliant way to restore the natural color of your teeth or even make them whiter than your natural color if you would like.

ZOOM! is a chair side whitening procedure that uses a safe whitening gel and a low intensity light to activate the gel. This combination allows us to provide you with teeth that are 6-10 shades whiter in about an hour!

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If you can relate to any of the following

You are a Great Candidate for Zoom Professonal Teeth Whitening treatment

  • Have moderate yellow surface stains on your teeth
  • Have recently completed orthodontic treatment
  • Experience dentin hypersensitivity
  • Have Dark or tetracycline staining on your teeth
  • Have periodontal disease

Real Patients, Real Whitening Results

Types of Whitening Products Offered

Take Home Whitening

Zoom take home teeth Whitening
  • Each kit is uniquely formulated based on our patients' needs, and comfortably delivers the results the patients want.
  • Results in as few as 3 days using 22% carbamide peroxide
  • Philips Zoom is the only whitening product on the market that includes ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate), fluoride and potassium nitrate. This combination of ingredients reduces the chance of painful sensitivity, delivers enamel protection and helps improve tooth luster.

In-Office Treatment

patient receiving in-office teeth whitening treatment
  • Can Safely deliver our patients an eight-shade improvement in less than an hour
  • Compared to the competition, WhiteSpeed delivered 50% better results with a lower HP concentration (25% HP vs. the competitor’s 40% HP)
  • More comfort-Quicker results-Happy patients.
  • Approximately 99% of Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed lamp treatment participants experienced little to no sensitivity.

For hypersensitive patients, we suggest taking ibuprofen before and following a light-activated procedure and using a toothpaste with potassium nitrate for two weeks leading up to the procedure. We can also adjust intensity settings on the LED lamp throughout the procedure to manage sensitivity

Real Whitening Results

Feel Good About Your Smile

The No.1 in-office professional whitening brand for over 15 years, Philips Zoom is also the most recognized and patient-requested whitening system in the world.

Real Patient, Real Results

Philips ZOOM! Step-by-Step

Sensitivity Treatment and Prevention

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A Whiter Smile is More Affordable Now Than Ever Before!

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Zoom In-Office Whitening Special

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  • The new In-Office Zoom! WhiteSpeed LED technology
  • Specially designed for sensitive teeth
  • Custom whitening trays

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Did you know?

  • Philips Zoom has been featured on The Today Show, Extreme Makeover, Entertainment Tonight and more.
  • Philips Zoom is the #1 patient-requested professional whitening treatment
  • Named Most Effective Whitening Treatment by Women’s Health
  • Relief ACP and Flouridex Sensitivity Relief Toothpaste can help manage sensitivity