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“Unbelievable just got a phone call from my actual doctor that performed the root canal today on me this morning. She she proactively called me on the phone like I’ve, I’ve been to doctors, dentists a dozen times, 100 of times and I’ve never actually had one actually call me proactively to see how I was doing. Usually it takes me like 15 calls with some third party company that takes your information down. Nobody ever calls you back you. You have to physically drive somewhere to get quality care in this, In this today’s times, it’s crazy, but this woman Dr. Patel called me on the phone and I’m like. Oh my God, hi, why are why are you calling me? How are you doing? Paul, I just wanted to check and see how you’re feeling. This is insane. I’m absolutely just Flabbergasted is a good word I guess I’ve never had that experience before. So here’s a hats off to Radiant Dental in Buford. That’s just that’s just care You don’t get anywhere anymore, so check them out. Or maybe I shouldn’t let y’all know because that’s a that’s a secret I need to keep to myself because that kind of customer service you only get that At Purdue Vision.”

Mrs. Theresa

Start good dental health as young as possible…

In this special Q&A video, join us for an insightful conversation with our valued patient, Mrs. Theresa. Having been a part of the Radiant Dental family for over 10 years, she shares her experiences, wisdom, and encouragement on maintaining good dental health. Mrs. Theresa’s story is not just about dental care; it’s about empowerment, early intervention, and the confidence that comes with exceptional root canal treatment.

We’re grateful for the trust Mrs. Theresa has placed in us for more than 10 years. Her story reflects the long-term relationships we build with our patients.

Mrs. Lisa

Radiant Smiles Restored: Mrs. Lisa’s Smile Makeover Journey with Dr. Nimisha Patel at Radiant Dental, Buford, GA!

Mrs. Lisa candidly shares her transformative experience with Dr. Patel after a challenging accident left her with broken front teeth. Discover the pain-free and positive journey through root canal, crown, bridge, and more, showcasing the exceptional care provided by Dr. Patel at Radiant Dental in Buford, GA.

We’re grateful for the trust Mrs. Lisa has placed in us.  Her story reflects the long-term relationships we build with our patients.

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