Dental Anxiety Relief in Buford, GA

Avoiding the Dentist
Patient receiving sedation dentistry
Avoiding the dentist?

You Can Finally Relax

If the word “dentist” sends shivers down your spine, you can finally relax. Dr. Nimisha Patel offers Oral sedation (in addition to other tools & techniques) to combat Dental Phobia.  Oral Sedation is a safe and effective way to completely relax during dental treatment.  Your health is continually monitored while you are under the effects of oral sedation and you are never left alone.  Your dental treatment is completed quickly and you will awaken refreshed and with little memory of the procedure.

Dental anxiety can cause people to put off dental appointments and necessary cleanings.  This avoidance will only lead to more dental problems and the need for more intensive procedures down the line.  Dr. Nimisha Patel challenges herself in helping fearful patients who may be avoiding dental care due to dental phobia or bad experiences in the past. Over the years, she has helped many fearful patients get the necessary dental care that was being avoided due to fear.

According to statistics, about 75 percent of Americans suffer from Dental Anxiety.  If you are one of them, we can help you!  call our office at 770-271-4411 to learn more about oral sedation.

Causes of Dental Anxiety or Phobia

  • Negative dental experience in the past
  • Lack of control during dental treatment
  • Lack of understanding from the dentist
  • Experiencing extreme pain after treatment
Dr. Nimisha Patel Profile Pic

Dr. Nimisha Patel

Dr. Patel graduated from the University of California School of Dentistry (UCSF) and went on to complete advanced studies and continuing education courses in reconstructive, cosmetic, and implant training at the Advanced Dental Implant Research and Education Center (AIC). As an enthusiastic dentist with comprehensive dental expertise, Dr. Patel is proud to combine modern techniques and high-tech equipment to provide personalized and comfortable care to her patients.

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